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Our Wardrobes

March 17, 2010 9 comments

It had been a while since I did a post. I’m glad to be back, I’ve discovered that one way to continue writing is to open a blank word document and stare at the cursor. Well, it worked for me.

I have been thinking about Identity. How you present yourself. Your choice of style, the clothes you wear. How you walk. The drink you order and the joints you heng at.

Most of us have adopted a dress code for years. We have had a specific hair trim and groomed in a particular way. From a male point of view, this is very important. It ranges from the fragrances we wear, to the watches, shoes and belts we have and how we put it all together in different occasions. Men rarely change a certain trend.

Ladies, more often than not, dress up for other ladies to notice. It’s a competition among them and I attest to this since I’ve asked my close friends. I look forward to a lady contributing an article to feature here with a little more insight on the same. [Write to:] Read more…

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