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How Powerful Twitter Is In Kenya

February 21, 2012 14 comments

24 Hours ago, the petition Add Kenya as a Trend Location on Twitter went live. Visit the petition page for more details and remember to click on ‘Sign and Tweet’.

This idea came about after @natekev was kind enough to respond to my tweet, below. We often relate to at least 3 worldwide trending topics and often have Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) contributes to a number of Top 10s. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a category where all 10 trends make sense to us?



Well, that ‘someone’ to organize the petition turned out to be me. Within 20 minutes, The petition was live and signatures started streaming in. I’m a numbers-person and some of the updates I’ve gives are as below:

1 Hour later, 60 tweets reaching 53,437 tweeps.

6 Hours later, 132 tweets reaching 97,880 tweeps.

20 Hours later, 168 tweets reaching 110,513 tweeps.

24 Hours later, 178 tweets reaching 115,053 tweeps.

Within 11Hrs, #AddKenyaToTrends petition became a New #1 petition on

Here are some of the notable reactions in the #AddKenyaToTrends petition hashtag:

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Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2011

December 7, 2011 26 comments

The App Store (iOS) was opened in July 10, 2008. As at early July 2011, 200 million iOS users had downloaded over 15 billion apps from its App Store. As of May 2011, Apple approved its 500,000th app and 37 percent of all apps are free with the average price $3.64. 30% of revenue from the store go to Apple, and 70% go to the developers of the app. Now that’s a Huge Store!

Here’s my list of the Apps I couldn’t do without in 2011. List of according to preference.

*Click on the Name of the App to be directed to the App Store page.

1. TweetBot Price: $2.99


Tweetbot automatically became my default twitter client after I purchased it. It offers the most amazing twitter experience. It has a great design, many options on integrated services such as Read Later, Image & Video upload, Mobilizer and customizable tabs. It also manages your lists well, push notification and funky sounds. My favorite is tweet options where you can double/tripple tap a tweet, hold, swipe to the right/left for conversation/replies resp. and so forth. Without a doubt, Tweetbot is a twitter client with personality. I recommend you give it a try.

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Acer Smart Phones

November 23, 2011 12 comments

Rapid Communication Ltd is a telecommunications solution provider and an exclusive partner of the iTouch brand of mobile phones. Rapid also has a strong strategic technology alliance with Iskratel, QPAY Spot & Zing Mobile.

Rapid Communications has grown to be one of the most effective telecommunications solution providers for innovative solutions, services and products of its kind from Kenya to the rest of Africa and the Middle East maintaining quality products and services in the market.
That’s why I decided to do this blog post on their Acer Smart phones running the Android OS. Check out the video below.

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My First YouTube Review Videos

September 26, 2011 8 comments

Over the weekend I managed to shoot two review videos using an iPhone and iPad 2. Both were directly uploaded to YouTube from the devices using a WiFi connection.

I must admit, I respect the guys who prepare review videos and share them on YouTube. It’s not an easy task and within the hour of shooting my two vids, I learnt plenty. Let’s discuss both below.

Video 1.__________________________________________________________________________________

This was shot using an iPad 2. There were lots of noise interference and I have made apologies for the video quality as well. No editing was done and I failed on lighting too. The iPad 2 seemed to lack the auto-focus option. All in all, I managed to upload my first ever review video on youtube. It was fun.

Video 2.________________________________________________________________________________

To add on to the above flows, this particular video was challenging since it required a lot of coordination. This was shot by an iPhone 3Gs and i appreciated the inbuilt auto focus feature. Balancing the light, however, seemed to be the greatest challenge. All in all, this was a fun exercise for a Sunday afternoon. I hope to have inspired someone who owns a HD camera, editing software or even a studio to make more videos. We should have more of these in East Africa where guys set up channels and run helpful, informative and fun channels. The scope of talent and ideas is endless as we look forward to ripping the best of broadband connectivity.


While uploading the videos, choose a ‘selling’ Title. Fill in a detailed, informative description as well as keying in relevant links here. Choose the right category and add TAGS. These help when search on videos is performed. Thinks smart, and simple.

Thanks for reading, it’s an honor as always. Kindly watch the videos and share your thoughts below.

Special thanks to @AleksGee 

Happy Second Birthday @eGichomo

September 14, 2011 2 comments

It’s been two years since the date of registration for the twitter account @eGichomo. Twitter is amazing in so many ways so let me see what more I’d say about it with more than 140 characters.

I like twitter because it’s for smart people. I love content that flows on my timeline. Among the 100 million Active Users, there are some really awesome accounts out there. From breaking news to interesting discussions, twitter has it all. Contents change by the minute.

I hate twitter because it’s highly addictive. I don’t know the neuroscience of this but it seems to activate a kind of scattered, jumpy feeling. I do not like anything that has the effects of drugs in me. Twitter rehabs needed!

How I use twitter Read more…

10 Kenyan Media Personalities You Need To Follow On Twitter

July 29, 2011 33 comments

[UPDATED] See Bottom of the page.

Twitter is a great tool for breaking news. We have our media personalities who are active twitter users and they offer informative, timely, inspiring and fun content. Why wouldn’t you want to follow them when you have a chance to engage in a discussion? Here’s my list of 10.

* Note: The list is in no Chronological order (Other than alternating male, female..)

Enjoy the poll at the end of the post. (Closing Date: 01.08.2011 at 4:00pm) Read more…

Social Media

July 15, 2011 1 comment

Social media has changed the way we spend our day-to-day lives. I dedicate this post to Social Media and will update it in intervals. Updates will be shared on my twitter page.

For now, I Gotta Share this musical that made my day. Enjoy! Read more…

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