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My Third Place

January 13, 2010 36 comments

In the marketing field, there’s a saying that goes, ‘’everyone has their third place.’’ I would like to relate that to my day to day life and tag the Third Place as that place you go to, other that Work and Home. The place you go for fun and leisure.

To some the third place could be a sports club, a poetry club, a religious centre, a coffee shop but I would like to relate this Blog to a place I am aspiring to make as my Third Place, the Gym. I have been composing myself for far too long to run a blog and just like the gym, I want to build on something. Every sweat I break will be towards making an achievement. I know this will be an interesting journey.

The gym requires the observation of three important things:

  • Perfection: I have this as my second post and I am aiming to build an archive that will be resourceful for generations to come. Truth is, perfection can never be reached. It’s all a matter of achieving and resetting goals. Set new goals, achieve them, reset, and repeat… there is no finish line.
  • Success: As the old saying goes, it’s only in the dictionary that Work comes after Success. For someone to succeed, you must put in a lot of effort and commitment. The first week of hitting the gym will make me adopt a new walking style but success is not something you wait for. You have to hunt it. Roll up your sleeves and work hard towards something.
  • Planning: Failing to plan is planning to fail. I have outlines a few categories in which my posts will be derived from. Just like in the Gym, I have planned why I am here, how long it will take me to succeed and what I am going to accomplish.

So, what is your third place? Where do you go when you leave home and work? What have you learnt from your Third Place and from the people there? How do you apply that to your day to day life? Share below.

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