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Tadaa, the best Instagram alternative for iPhoneographers [Review]

April 13, 2012 29 comments

A few days ago, we got the news that Facebook acquired Instagram at $1Billion. This was just days after the release of the Android app. Many instagramers reacted to this and most were opting to close their accounts.

I have recently gained exceptional interest in iPhoneography and my first reaction to the release of the Android App was “will droid users really get it?” Apple has upgraded its iPhone camera and managed to bring pro and armature photographers together. Many professional photographers are using their iPhones to take photos more often than their expensive equipment, thanks to the portability of the phone and ability to slot it in spaces and angles that might be difficult or impossible with large cameras. Instagram has brought about a community of 30M+ iPhoneographers who were getting better by the day. I discovered other iOS editing Apps in the App Store and hence knew Android will definitely not match up. I gained an eye for photography and even learnt about angles and perspectives, rule of thirds, etc. thanks to a phone I carry around. Instagram was a community that gave me a sense of belonging and now I perceive it as an open field. I don’t stand a chance of learning more on iPhoneography since it’s now all about taking any photos, sharing them, and soon, Facebook might try to monetize the opportunity! However, I won’t delete my account just yet but my search for Instagram alternatives made me discover a brilliant iOS App built on Instagram’s template with more Twitter-like features for serious photographers. Read more…


Instagram & Photography

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently downloaded the Instagram App for iOS and just a couple of days after, I’m totally hooked!
It’s a photographers heaven. There are brilliant photos of just about anything. The app uses the concept of Twitter where users create accounts and follow each other.. Only that the timeline (photo stream) consists of awesome photos. Hashtags can be used and you tag someone as well as comment; where the user is notified in the news tab.
Ideas are limitless and the FREE app comes with gorgeous filter effects. It has Twitter and Facebook integration and you can share your photos with family and friends. There is a photographer in everyone, and the photo steam is always breathtaking not forgetting the “Popular” tab which displays photos with the most reactions.
Here are some of my pics that I have shared so far. They’ve received some likes and pretty encouraging comments. What’s your Instagram user name? Share in the comments area and I’ll definitely follow back.
Follow eGichomo on instagram.

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rO Photography

October 21, 2011 6 comments

Photography is the science, art and practice of drawing with light.  We’ve all at one point in life captured moments using a camera. Technology has made photography experience fantastic through invention of powerful cameras and lenses, smart digital cameras and camera integration in cell phones. People have made careers out of it as well as hobbies. Photography complements travel. A picture says a thousand words. This post is dedicated to all who have a passion in photography and one of them is rO. I introduce you to Riyaz Osman.



NAME: Riyaz Osman


URL: rO Photography   Twitter: @ri_yaz

Professional Photographer living and working in Nairobi, Kenya.


  • Which Camera do you use, lenses and other accessories?

I use a Nikon D5000. I have a standard 18-55mm Nikon lens, and managed to get a 55-200mm zoom lens. I got a Nikon flashlight as well to compliment night shots. A friend (zaheen) recently bought me a tripod to work with!

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Nairobi National Park

March 29, 2011 10 comments

On Sunday, 27th March 2011 at 6am I was at the Nairobi National Park. I had made plans with Dr. @paulakahumbu to join in the Nairobi park game count but after revisiting the email I realized I’d gotten the date wrong! Maybe it was the anxiety. Gates were opened and after a couple of consultations I got a ranger and entrance for a self drive.

Camera in hand, we changed roles and Wachira took up driving. He knows the park like the back of his hand. A couple of minutes into the park we were welcomed by this magnificent sunrise. (click to view actual size)

There were all sorts of sounds; birds twittering, crickets were creaking and the wind chimed through the grass and acacia trees. It was amazing, true surround soundtrack of nature. Read more…

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