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Song of the Week : Hard-Fi – ‘Fire In The House’ & Tiesto Remix

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Last year I published a post expressing my opinion on music and a couple of people shared their love for Enya, whom I had specifically featured in the post. A year later and my love for music has grown even stronger, could this be my new high?

I have to share this song: “Fire In The House” by the band Hard-Fi. I discovered them through the Tiesto podcast. Great song, Tiesto’s remix will blow your socks off!! He took it to a whole other level… Enjoy.

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Social Media

July 15, 2011 1 comment

Social media has changed the way we spend our day-to-day lives. I dedicate this post to Social Media and will update it in intervals. Updates will be shared on my twitter page.

For now, I Gotta Share this musical that made my day. Enjoy! Read more…

Music To My Ears

January 14, 2010 16 comments

Music to My Ears

My day started off with a very strong urge to listen to music. Not just any music but the exquisite tunes of the amazing Irish singer, Enya.

That being said, I have a tendency of wanting to know how things come to be, how things work. I wondered how her music is composed and what specifically caught my ears was the sound of the piano. It’s a sound produced by an instrument that travels through the air by compressing it which in turn vibrates my ear drum at different rates depending on the note. I quickly gathered this from a simple Google search but got more questions, should it be about some notes/chords that makes it pleasing to hear, while some music makes me want to dismantle the source…

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Another Grueling 24 Hours for Jack Bauer

January 13, 2010 3 comments

Season 7 of ‘’24’’ ended when Jack was in a coma. Season 8, also known as Day 8 picks it off a couple of years later just after 4PM.

Jack is comfortably dozing on a sofa playing with his granddaughter. The doctor has declared success to his risky treatment to the bioweapon infection.  He plans to take a job with a private security firm. Life is running smooth for Jack but within the first four episodes of the series, Jack is pressed back into the service. To avoid any possible spoilers, Let me brief you in on the work put in by the cast and directors.. Read more…

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