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10 Kenyan Media Personalities You Need To Follow On Twitter

July 29, 2011 33 comments

[UPDATED] See Bottom of the page.

Twitter is a great tool for breaking news. We have our media personalities who are active twitter users and they offer informative, timely, inspiring and fun content. Why wouldn’t you want to follow them when you have a chance to engage in a discussion? Here’s my list of 10.

* Note: The list is in no Chronological order (Other than alternating male, female..)

Enjoy the poll at the end of the post. (Closing Date: 01.08.2011 at 4:00pm) Read more…


My 5 Links

July 18, 2011 5 comments

Well, this is my own nomination to kick off the sequence. This blog is two years old and It has had it’s own times. This is my 20th post and I hope to build an archive of magnificent content.

On to my 5 links:

My Most Popular Post :Welcome to The Kenya Blog Contest

This was the poll center for some of the best 2010 blogs in Kenya. Twitter played a great role in spreading the word and votes streamed in as well as feedback. I think I had organised well and managed to conduct a nice poll without hitches or headaches. Hope I will say the same about #My5Links some time later.. Read more…

My 5 Links | 2011 Kenya Blogs

July 18, 2011 9 comments

It has been a year since The Kenya Blog Contest and we have learnt so much for the past year. A blogger has the experience that not all blog posts receive the same reception.

However, here’s a chance to go into the archives and share some of the links that you feel deserve another read. Comment on the lessons learnt and give a small explanation as to why a certain link falls in the respective category.

The aim is to appreciate bloggers and in Kenya and share mini-blog rolls for a broader read. Here are the steps and categories to follow:

Categories (Where you’ll include the blog links to share, giving a small commentary):

  • My Most Popular Post
  • Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved
  • Post Whose Success Surprised Me
  • My Most Controversial Post
  • Post I Am Most Proud Of
The Guidelines:
  1. Blogger is nominated by other blogger(s)
  2. Blogger publishes their 5 links on their blog and tweets the link with #My5Links
  3. The Blogger nominates five other bloggers to do the same.

Happy Blogging!

Announcing The Kenya Blog Contest WINNERS!!!

July 30, 2010 12 comments

This has be a successful month for bloggers in Kenya. Self Definition hosted The Kenya Blog Contest. Polls were open for two and a half weeks where 42 contestants were classifies in three categories. Art • Beauty • Action. The response was amazing and flawless. I hereby announce the three winning blogs.

Art Award: Raymondchepkwony [462 Votes/899]
Beauty Award: The Fashion Notebook [173 Votes/328]
Action Award: The Greatrnk [542 Votes/1,694]

(Poll results available here)

There have been requests for an award ceremony. The journey doesn’t end here; I have put together a team to form an East African Bloggers Community. We have rolled up our sleeves, synced our minds and preparations are underway for the next BIG online buzz!!! The event will Award the above winners and launch EABloggers. Progress and application procedures will be communicated by @eGichomo on twitter.

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to the voters, your feedback is welcome below…

Welcome to The Kenya Blog Contest

July 13, 2010 78 comments

Response to the earlier post was overwhelming. Thank you for the applications. After review of each and every blog, I hereby present you with the following Awards:

Art ∙ Beauty ∙ Action

Art Award: Recognition and appreciation of poetry. Creativity, choice of words, originality and show of talent.

Beauty Award: Best layout, design, cool features, attractiveness and finest integration of themes and magnificence.

Action Award: Pursuit of ingenuity. Most interactive and frequent in content update.

Introducing The Contestants: [Move your cursor over the ‘Blog Name’ to see a screen shot of the blog] Read more…

The Kenya Blog Contest

July 6, 2010 28 comments

Blogging is slowly becoming a Kenyan voice where bloggers express their thoughts and opinions freely across the internet. Topics range from News, Business, Tourism, Art, Fashion, Hobbies etc. However, it is difficult to trace a blog to add to your RSS reader or bookmark it in your browser. The aim of this Online Blog Contest is to compile blogs by giving you a brief description of the blog content (in the writer’s words) and put them in a poll where the winners will be chosen by you!

Important Dates

Voting Poll will be open on: Wednesday, 14th July 2010.

Application for contestants will close on: Friday 16th July 2010

The poll will close and the winner announced on: Friday 30th July 2010

There will be one Grand winner and two runners up.

Prices for the above will be announced after voting begins. Read more…

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