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Day 6: Koobi Fora – Marsabit

Early Saturday morning, after the night spent in laughter under the display of billions of stars, we prepared for yet another day-long drive. It’s a drive through dry and arid areas. Through Chalbi and Koronia deserts. Hot, dusty, sandy and bumpy conditions. A drive “back to Kenya” as most of the locals of Northern Kenya call it.

The sunrise didn’t disappoint, it was beautiful. At least the giant fireball gives you a smile in the morning before the scorching begins. There will be a solar eclipse later this month, on 20th May, and this will be one of the best points where tourists alike will set base to have a perfect view.

Right after breakfast we headed out and retracing our way back till the junction where there’s mobile network reception. Emails and messages that made it to Northern Kenya streamed in. There was change in vegetation and by afternoon there was nothing but sand, rocks and lone acacia trees.

One of our vehicles got stuck in a lagga but our experienced drivers shoved some of the sand and slid in a large perforated metal blade under the back tyre (to give it grip). 30 min later we were back on the move.

We had late lunch at North Horr. It was really dry and a big contrast from the green, beautiful South Horr. The Borana and Gabra people were very welcoming. We asked whether it was safe to drive right through the desert as we see the sand dunes but they strongly warned that we dare not. Cars get stuck in the quick sand for months and the only expensive way to rescue is being airlifted. We made the wise decision to drive through the desert via an alternative, longer route. This was around 5pm.

We climbed altitude from near sea level to 1,406m above sea level. We arrived Marsabit late evening and checked in Jeyjey for accommodation. It was really chilly, with slight showers. Sleep in a lodge with electricity was total bliss. One of the things that this trip taught me was humility. Appreciate what you have. Live to the fullest. Be thankful of all the progress and success you make in life and the advances you see every day.

Coming Next: Day 7, Isiolo. Tarmac! And more bliss that we never expected!

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Special thanks to The Kenya Tourism Board. Follow the twitter page for the Best #TembeaKenya updates.

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