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Day 2: Maralal – Baragoi – Loiyangalani

Greetings from Loiyangalani!!

We covered 231km, climbing to 2,200m above sea level at the Siguta Valley view point and now at almost sea level.
After waking up at 5:30am, breakfast was served at Samburu Guest House and by 7am we were exploring Maralal town.   Most of it’s residents were asleep with notable sights of young men passing time seated at roadsides and shop corridors, unemployed. I hoped to myself that the introduction of counties will benefit them since they know where problems are and potential of success, instead of indulging in alcoholism.
By 9am we were at a police cell where Paul Ngei was held captive in 1960. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta visited Ngei, who was later released, in the late 1961. Mzee is very popular in the area and we got a chance to see the shop where he used to have his shoes fixed. Below is a pic of Kenyatta Ave. in Maralal and where Paul Ngei was held captive in 1961.
9:30am: We headed to the Mzee Kenyatta House.

It’s now a museum and this is where Mzee Jomo used to live. It’s a big house with children rooms as well as guest rooms. Mr. John Rigano (the museum curator) briefed us with lots of rich history on the house and lifestyle of the founding father of this nation. I really enjoyed the tour.
10:40am: Departure from Maralal for Loiyangalani through Baragoi.

All cameras were set and this marked the kickoff of the 231km, off-road, rough terrain though the Rift Valley plateaus. The road was rough but bearable. A Nissan Navara with load managed to keep up with Land Cruisers. Along the way we saw the Samburu, Pokot and Turkana people. They were scarcely populated and at 2:40pm we reached Baragoi for lunch.
It’s a small town with Samburu and Turkana people as the majority occupants. I had a chat with Francis, a 16yr old Pokot boy who had recently undergone initiation. He mentioned to me that FGM is ‘a must’ if at all the lady is to get married. Consequences of refusing to comply are indescribably.
Lunch was great and an hour later, the world showed us its best….
The scenery was mind blowing. We passed South Horr at 5:30pm and things kept getting better!
One of our cars got stuck and that’s when we all realized that the adventure was just beginning. [Video below]
Here’s our route we’ve covered so far:
Tomorrow we head further north to Koobi Fora visiting Sibiloi National Park touring the petrified forest in the park. Don’t miss out.

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  1. November 12, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    ..this is good, looking forward to taking our clients to Maralal.

    • November 12, 2012 at 9:55 AM

      Thank you. Much appreciated. I hope to read about the journey..

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