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How Powerful Twitter Is In Kenya

February 21, 2012 14 comments

24 Hours ago, the petition Add Kenya as a Trend Location on Twitter went live. Visit the petition page for more details and remember to click on ‘Sign and Tweet’.

This idea came about after @natekev was kind enough to respond to my tweet, below. We often relate to at least 3 worldwide trending topics and often have Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) contributes to a number of Top 10s. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a category where all 10 trends make sense to us?



Well, that ‘someone’ to organize the petition turned out to be me. Within 20 minutes, The petition was live and signatures started streaming in. I’m a numbers-person and some of the updates I’ve gives are as below:

1 Hour later, 60 tweets reaching 53,437 tweeps.

6 Hours later, 132 tweets reaching 97,880 tweeps.

20 Hours later, 168 tweets reaching 110,513 tweeps.

24 Hours later, 178 tweets reaching 115,053 tweeps.

Within 11Hrs, #AddKenyaToTrends petition became a New #1 petition on

Here are some of the notable reactions in the #AddKenyaToTrends petition hashtag:

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