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Acer Smart Phones

November 23, 2011 12 comments

Rapid Communication Ltd is a telecommunications solution provider and an exclusive partner of the iTouch brand of mobile phones. Rapid also has a strong strategic technology alliance with Iskratel, QPAY Spot & Zing Mobile.

Rapid Communications has grown to be one of the most effective telecommunications solution providers for innovative solutions, services and products of its kind from Kenya to the rest of Africa and the Middle East maintaining quality products and services in the market.
That’s why I decided to do this blog post on their Acer Smart phones running the Android OS. Check out the video below.

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Song of the Week : Hard-Fi – ‘Fire In The House’ & Tiesto Remix

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Last year I published a post expressing my opinion on music and a couple of people shared their love for Enya, whom I had specifically featured in the post. A year later and my love for music has grown even stronger, could this be my new high?

I have to share this song: “Fire In The House” by the band Hard-Fi. I discovered them through the Tiesto podcast. Great song, Tiesto’s remix will blow your socks off!! He took it to a whole other level… Enjoy.

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Instagram & Photography

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently downloaded the Instagram App for iOS and just a couple of days after, I’m totally hooked!
It’s a photographers heaven. There are brilliant photos of just about anything. The app uses the concept of Twitter where users create accounts and follow each other.. Only that the timeline (photo stream) consists of awesome photos. Hashtags can be used and you tag someone as well as comment; where the user is notified in the news tab.
Ideas are limitless and the FREE app comes with gorgeous filter effects. It has Twitter and Facebook integration and you can share your photos with family and friends. There is a photographer in everyone, and the photo steam is always breathtaking not forgetting the “Popular” tab which displays photos with the most reactions.
Here are some of my pics that I have shared so far. They’ve received some likes and pretty encouraging comments. What’s your Instagram user name? Share in the comments area and I’ll definitely follow back.
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