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rO Photography

October 21, 2011 6 comments

Photography is the science, art and practice of drawing with light.  We’ve all at one point in life captured moments using a camera. Technology has made photography experience fantastic through invention of powerful cameras and lenses, smart digital cameras and camera integration in cell phones. People have made careers out of it as well as hobbies. Photography complements travel. A picture says a thousand words. This post is dedicated to all who have a passion in photography and one of them is rO. I introduce you to Riyaz Osman.



NAME: Riyaz Osman


URL: rO Photography   Twitter: @ri_yaz

Professional Photographer living and working in Nairobi, Kenya.


  • Which Camera do you use, lenses and other accessories?

I use a Nikon D5000. I have a standard 18-55mm Nikon lens, and managed to get a 55-200mm zoom lens. I got a Nikon flashlight as well to compliment night shots. A friend (zaheen) recently bought me a tripod to work with!

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