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My First YouTube Review Videos

September 26, 2011 8 comments

Over the weekend I managed to shoot two review videos using an iPhone and iPad 2. Both were directly uploaded to YouTube from the devices using a WiFi connection.

I must admit, I respect the guys who prepare review videos and share them on YouTube. It’s not an easy task and within the hour of shooting my two vids, I learnt plenty. Let’s discuss both below.

Video 1.__________________________________________________________________________________

This was shot using an iPad 2. There were lots of noise interference and I have made apologies for the video quality as well. No editing was done and I failed on lighting too. The iPad 2 seemed to lack the auto-focus option. All in all, I managed to upload my first ever review video on youtube. It was fun.

Video 2.________________________________________________________________________________

To add on to the above flows, this particular video was challenging since it required a lot of coordination. This was shot by an iPhone 3Gs and i appreciated the inbuilt auto focus feature. Balancing the light, however, seemed to be the greatest challenge. All in all, this was a fun exercise for a Sunday afternoon. I hope to have inspired someone who owns a HD camera, editing software or even a studio to make more videos. We should have more of these in East Africa where guys set up channels and run helpful, informative and fun channels. The scope of talent and ideas is endless as we look forward to ripping the best of broadband connectivity.


While uploading the videos, choose a ‘selling’ Title. Fill in a detailed, informative description as well as keying in relevant links here. Choose the right category and add TAGS. These help when search on videos is performed. Thinks smart, and simple.

Thanks for reading, it’s an honor as always. Kindly watch the videos and share your thoughts below.

Special thanks to @AleksGee 


Happy Second Birthday @eGichomo

September 14, 2011 2 comments

It’s been two years since the date of registration for the twitter account @eGichomo. Twitter is amazing in so many ways so let me see what more I’d say about it with more than 140 characters.

I like twitter because it’s for smart people. I love content that flows on my timeline. Among the 100 million Active Users, there are some really awesome accounts out there. From breaking news to interesting discussions, twitter has it all. Contents change by the minute.

I hate twitter because it’s highly addictive. I don’t know the neuroscience of this but it seems to activate a kind of scattered, jumpy feeling. I do not like anything that has the effects of drugs in me. Twitter rehabs needed!

How I use twitter Read more…

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