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Interview: Ahmed Salim – Initiator of FeedKe


A well known Social Entrepreneur based in Nairobi, Kenya. Ahmed Salim is the founder of Fluid Tees, a T-Shirt brand riding high on Twitter and Facebook marketing. He is also a social activist well known for his involvement in United Kenya (during the referendum), Kenya ni Yetu (for the constitution), Kenya Feb28 (singing of the national anthem), Pamoja (showing unity and joining together in prayers for Japan earthquake victims) and now the ongoing #FeedKe.

Other than these social endeavors, Ahmed is an accomplished marketer of repute, working as a lead marketer at a Nairobi agency. His candid demeanor and charisma are just a few attributes that endeavor him to many. I’m honored to have him on this interview. ____________________________________________________________________________________
Read Ahmed Salim's note Kenyans, Let's RISE together after his visit in Turkana

Q. Welcome Ahmed. How and When did the FeedKe idea come to you?

Ahmed:  Thank you Evans. *FeedKe was very random.  It wasn’t planned at all. I woke up on the 19th July and what I saw or heard the previous night was still in me. I asked Kenyans can’t we do something ourselves? And to my surprise, it was just like people were waiting to be told what to do. I got questions like: What do you have in mind? How can we help? We’re in, tell us… and that is when FeedKe was born. In a span of 45 min all was up and running.

Q. Have you experienced any setbacks or challenges during your launch of the FeedKe initiative?

Ahmed: A Lot, from some people I didn’t expect. I have had to sacrifice my time, work and brand for this cause.   It has been long sleepless nights pushing the campaign online. All in all, Kenyans online are very supportive and I appreciate each and every one of them.

Q. What do you hope to achieve with FeedKe?

Ahmed: Honestly, this isn’t about me. I just initiated a cause which inspired others to do similar initiatives at larger scale so I’m happy people have rose to the call and time when Kenyans need it the most. Bottom line is Money to be raised to help feed starving Kenyans.

Q. Who is your mentor and Who inspires you?

Ahmed: My Mom. Her drive amazes me. She’s a hands-on kind of woman and never gives up.

Who inspires me? ALL TALENTED KENYANS working their way up!!!

Q. What’s your dream project?

Ahmed: An election campaign ; ) (for a good leader that is)

Q. How do you engage people and what’s your secret?

Ahmed: It won’t be a secret anymore, haha.. Well, there’s no secret. It’s being about being honest and doing what’s right. Those who think and feel the same way will support you.

Q. What’s your take on Social Media and which platform do you prefer best?

Ahmed: Social Media / Internet is the FUTURE!! You know what, money, fame and power may own the media but no one will ever own the social media. People can build you and at the same time destroy you!! You need to be yourself, honest, loyal and upfront!! Twitter is the IT thing for sure as it is real time and it’s a platform for marketing, educating and knowing current events.

Q. Where do you envision Kenya in 2030?

Ahmed: Without bad leaders and selfish top shots. Talent will be flooded in the country and if we maintain loyal to Kenya we are in for BIG things no doubt.

Q. If you had 5 minutes in front of Kenyan Leaders, what would you tell them?

Ahmed: Haha.. you had to huh?? Well…. Eeerrrrmm! I would tell them I have never supported everything neither have I disagreed on everything they do.  They only some to us when they need us and the so called representing they say they do, we do not see it! We are not expecting magic nor everything to go our way, what we are expecting is that they consider themselves Kenyans the same way we do. They truly should speak on our behalf and not for personal selfish reasons. They should also know that Kenyans are way EDUCATED now and the coming generation will not tolerate their doings. We have a right to have a constitution, let us all practice it. All in all, they should know God is there. The Almighty is watching them and if they feel they can go away with things here on earth, I believe in the thereafter thus they will NEVER escape from their wrong doing!!!

Q. Would you like to offer any advice to people with brilliant ideas on their minds but haven’t executed them, yet?

Ahmed: Just do it… if you believe it’s the right thing, the inside gut feeling is telling you it’s the right way to go: close your eyes, take a deep breath, say a prayer and JUST DO IT!!! You have nothing to lose. If it’s money, you’ll get it back in future as long as you can breath, walk, share love, care… YOU can do it!! Trust yourself, focus and always appreciate!!!



*At the time of publishing this post, FeedKe had a total contribution of Ksh.1,376,228.00

Contribute to FeedKe via:

  • Mpesa: PayBill to 10,000 AC “FeedKE”
  • Airtel: Nickname “REDCROSS” Ref “FeedKE”
  • Online: Kenya Red Cross on www.kenyaredcross.org “special thanks”

Engage in giving feedback and asking further questions in the comments area below. Ahmed will respond to them directly via the reply option. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Embrace • Celebrate • Unite

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