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A Day at Dar es Salaam

September 21, 2010 36 comments

Fly 540 launched its Dar es Salaam, Nairobi direct flights on September 20, 2010.

I was invited to the inauguration cocktail party that introduced the 7-flights-a-week route straight to Dar, from Nairobi. Everything went according to plan aboard the CRJ 100 Jet.

We took off JKIA at 1030Hrs and I was honored to be seated next to the airline’s CEO, Mr. Don Smith. He’s a very cool guy and I have to note that he is putting a lot of effort to meet the passengers comfort needs as well as ease of travel, financially.

The flight was smooth and we touched down Dar es Salaam International airport at 1145Hrs. Many have had crazy experiences but other than the usual turbulence that’s expected along the coastal strip, the CRJ 100 was easy on the eardrums! The 1 hr 15 min flight makes it possible to attend business meetings across the boarder, in advantage to the East African Community trade. Read more…

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