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My New, Bold New Year’s Resolution

The end of last year had all the elements of the holiday coming together quite nicely; Travelling, Family Gatherings, having your favorite meals… until the clock  struck midnight for the final time of the year. We raised the glasses of champagne to the New Year and planted a big, wet kiss on the person you hold dearest.

Now all the smoke has cleared.

New Year, New Beginnings, New Opportunities. You have to wake up from your drunken New Year Eve stupor and Get Serious. It’s time to reflect and do some serious soul searching. It’s time to do some serious looking into the mirror; it’s time to enhance your New Year’s resolution. Find that one thing about yourself that you would like to improve. Maybe it’s that project that you have been putting off that you will finally finish. This could also be the year you finally learn a new skill.

Try out something new with me this year. Decide that you would like to stop putting things off. Don’t beat your head about coming up with new resolutions. Look back in the past years and bring the resolutions back. What haven’t you accomplished? Want to learn a new skill? Don’t till the New Year starts, Get the Job Done, Now!

So, if you made them, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Haven’t thought about it yet? What are you waiting for!? When you have one, post it here for all to see, and when I see you next time I’ll be sure to see how things are going…


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